Zombie Apocalypse

A dream I had that I am going to turn into an episode of the game.

The party is driving through woods and fields outside Londinium. Smith is in the front with another woman in a business suit carrying a briefcase. The privacy screen is up but they can see the two women talking. After a bit they stap talking and the privacy screen rolls down.

The party has been informed that there job is to protect this woman and assist where they can.

It is after dark. It was some time ago when you had left the main road and are now traveling down little more than a wagon track through the trees. A wooden fence crosses a track. At your approach a gnarled old farmer appears from out of the trees.

The window next to Smith rolls down. Her eyes fall on this man, he visibly shrinks.
“So they are in there!” Smith asks.
“Yes they entered a couple of hours ago.”
“Open the gate! Then leave!”
“Do I need to tell you that no matter what happens. We were never here. We have never met!”
“Yes, Mam.” the man says. The man opens the gate and closes it behind the car. Then disapears back into the woods.

Zombie Apocalypse

Shattered World (New Londinium) BBWolf128