This is going to be presented in my usual brain storming motif.

Firearms are simple weapons to fire quite simply point and shoot therefor they are ranked as simple weapons. Anyone can pick up a loaded firearm and with a little work get it to fire. Not necessarily where they want it to go. Like a hand, foot or if others are lucky only there own fool head. If you survive your first experience and are able to continue to practice you will eventually get it to fire down range.

There is a new Craft skill Wis (Maintain Firearms). This skill allows you to maintain, clear jams, and reload the weapon. DC 15 Just because it is a simple weapon to fire does not mean that you are proficient with all its workings. The skill goes off your Wis like a concentration check because there are a number of steps that must be completed in the right order and this would be while you are probably under fire yourself. Maintaining your cool is just as important as speed. Failing the roll by five or more while reloading will destroy 1 cartridge.

There is also a new feat called Rapid reload firearm. This will be discussed further in the reloading section. Other feats like rapid fire will work on a weapon capable of performing them.

Misfire – When firing the weapon on a 1-4 there is a chance of a misfire.
1-2 the weapon explodes doing its damage to the wielder. (The weapon may or may not be able to be repaired later.)
3-10 the weapon Jams. A round must be taken to clear the jam.
11-20 nothing bad happens.

This works out to a Total 10% chance of any misfire. (Misfires will happen) The total chance of an explosion is 2% (so sooner or later it is probable to happen.) Total of 90% of not having any problems.

Paper cartridges & Caps. Bullets are sold or packed into paper or cardboard cartridges, Primer caps are usually sold with them. Larger cartridges like shotgun shells come with with there own primers built in. But no matter what kind of shell it comes in cartridges are fragile 1 point of damage can destroy one or more cartridges. Water can easily destroy a cartridge either wetting the gunpowder and or causing it to fall apart.

All firearms are considered masterwork weapons. Only high ranking engineers are allowed to make or repair firearms. Correspondingly they are fairly expensive for your average citizen but many of them are more than happy to pay the price considering the number on the market. The creation of gunpowder or primers requires a mid ranked engineer. Though the assembly of cartridges is only a simple engineering feat if one has the supplies.

Here is some thing new to think about.
Rifling. Only military grade weapons have rifling (Most are smooth bore.) Smooth bore weapons have an inherent -1 to hit, and can not be used for called shots.

Explosive, precision, or shock damage with firearms. Whenever a damage die for a firearm rolls its max damage, reroll that die and add it to the total as well. If you roll max damage on a rerolled die, reroll that die again and continue to add its damage to the total.

(Non-Smokeless) gunpowder is the rule. The first shot puts a cloud of smoke in the five foot square directly in front of the attackers shot. This cloud provides Partial (Soft) Cover to any attacks passing through it. This gives a +2 bonus to AC for attacks passing through or in the area. This Soft cover does not add a bonus to reflex saves. A Second shot filling that area with smoke raises the status of the cloud to Cover (Soft). Giving a +4 bonus to AC for any attacks passing through or in the area. Again this gives no bonus to reflex saves. Any further shots adding smoke into the area causes the cloud to spread out to fill an adjacent 5 foot square. At Random, or depending on wind, or GM’s whim.

Revolver 250gp Damage 2d4 x3 3# Range 50’ Piercing Reload 2 Shots 6

A full reload takes 2 rounds, a partial reload can be done in 1 round giving 3 shots. a single bullet can be loaded as a move equivalent action and fired the same turn.

The rapid reload feat allows you to fully reload the weapon in one round. Or to do a partial reload as a move equivalent action and then be able to fire 1 shot the same round. or a single bullet can be loaded as a free action, once per round.

Deringer 200gp Damage 2d4 x3 1# Range 30’ Piercing Reload 1 Shots 2
A small light concealable weapon. If it jams it breaks and must be repaired.
It can be fully reloaded in 1 round, or a single shot can be loaded as a move equivalent action, and fired the same round. Rapid reload affects this like above.

Precision shooting pistol 500gp 2d4 16-20/x2 3# Range 100’ Reload 0 shots 1
1 shot can be loaded as a move equivalent action. Also see rapid reload above.

Heavy Pistol 350gp 2d6 x3 Range 50’ Piercing Reload 2 Shots 4


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