Shattered World (New Londinium)

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Entry of Rawòre:

I wake in a room. There are others. About a dozen in a half. I don’t know them….but who am I? What-what’s my name? There is a plex glass shield between me and the way out. Caged. Like an animal. Others begin messing with the chest, but they’re locked. They have names on them. Rawòre. The name resonated with me. No key. There’s a long table in the room, the bed’s we woke on, plates, and SILVERWARE! I grab a handfull. Lock popped! I don this unfamilar gear and it fits perfectly. Somethings around my neck…A collar…we are animals..I tug on it. BZT!! That hurt. But not enough. I try agian. BZZZT!! The others just watch. One fellow with nimble fingers picks open a large chest carved into a dragon. The chest speaks his name and he backs away. Good choice i think, from the floor. A woman enters into the room. A dark Elf by the name Smith. We all want answers. She agrees after we’ve tided the room; beds, table, dishes, etc. I kick my bed up against the wall and leave the dishes to the Orc. Bad News. We have all been sentenced for a crime we commited. One i can’t even remember commiting, and the only hope of seeing blue sky agian is to do as the Empress commands. My hands are tied, I agree. So do four others who are placed in a group with me. A Dwarf, a woman, a dark fella, and a hume. We are given our weapons and gear. The collars are removed and we are each given a tiny ear pearl for long distance communication. We leave the building and enter the sprawling city of New Londinium. A fine automobile awaits Ms. Smith to take us to our destination. There’s a polished black motorcycle. My bike! My bike? I think i just stole someones bike… The city seems so familiar as i ride behind the luxury car and listen to the briefing thru my pearl. It’s a field test. Details are few. We’re to scope a warehouse and uncover it’s misconducts. We secure the perimeter. I take to the roof. upper level windows are unlocked. One thing becomes quickly evident. The group mind is very analytical. Security rounds;noted. Delivery and personal routines; noted. Unlock roof entrance, floor 8, base level, and basement level 1 from central stairwell; check. As i move from floor to floor in the stairwell the others stroll into the warehouse and start pushing their weight around, flashing ID, demanding book records. Nothing. Nothing seems to be amiss. Unable to wait any longer i B-line for the central elevator, throw my ID into somebodies face when needed and press on. Level 2: Large monoliths of black ice sit row apon row. I know its cold, because it froze my fork. wicked cold. I ‘pearl’ the others and we meet up. Frustration builds as we are unable to figure out the mysterious black Ice. I stop a worker, demand their operating pad and bring a fork lift to the refrigerated level. I stumble with the mechanics but i lift a block and aim the forklift straight at the large windows. One of the others discovers a cabinate with a glass that reveals the contents of the black ice by peering thru it; Geneticlly engineered hybrids. Inches from the window, Ms. Smith ‘pearls-in’ and drops the details of the Hybrids and their purpose in some on going war. Looks like that’s all that’s needed of use for one day. Back to the cages.
Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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