Elves & Races in general.

Note Londinium is not a homeland to the elves that live there. Londinium is a human city. (Though where the exact beginnings and endings of the term may be in doubt. Because it is rumored that more than 50% of the inhabitants of the city at any one time are non-human. But there is not, and there are no plans for, a census to confirm this.) Though many other races inhabit the city and call it home. Those who are not strictly humans will in general be treated foreign. Not necessarily badly just different. Think of the stereotype of the American in Paris. Though there are large areas of the city that are mixed. There are areas (Ghetto, Quarter, Barrio’s) where non-human types have gathered.

Ghetto is a section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure. A slum and a ghetto are different – if everyone is ethnically similar, it is a ghetto and if everyone is basically poor, it is a slum. The various Red Light districts of the Seelie and Unseelie Court; Goblin, Elves, Orc, and Fay. are legendary.

Elves are not related to Humans. There are no half-elves. Orc’s, Ork’s or Uruk’s are not related to humans. Being a created offshoot of the Elves, but different. (Get ready for another fight if you bring that subject up.) There are no half Orc’s. Not of either Human or Elf or “Any” type. Though there are Uruk-hai (or High Uruk’s) that fill the same race slot. Though the Fay can crossbreed there children will be one type or the other and not some cross. It is not unheard of for Fay to have children of an entirely unrelated type. Some Fay even spontaneously have become pregnant, without even having sex, or even being the correct sex generally for having children.

Elves may be Seelie, Unseelie or unaligned. Elves themselves are not the leaders of either group. Having been classified as too human like to belong to the Heart of the Fay. (Also there very place among the Fay is in doubt.) Most, if not all, of the other Player Character Races of Fay are on the edge of Fay society at best. If not as a race then at least individually. Do not fool yourself. Though many Fay have human like qualities. They are not Human. The true heart of the Fay has never been revealed to Humans. (If you are not feeling that there is some thing truly alien, scary and different about the Fay at this point. That is just my inability to convey these ideas in these words.)

There are a few variety of Wood, Wild, or Sylvan Elves. Depending on who you are asking. Be prepared for a heated discussion, if not a fight, if you use the wrong(?) term.

The Silver, High, or just “Elf” is the most common elves found in the City.

Quite Rare are the Gray, Aquatic, and Avariel or Winged Elves. No members of these types is known to be in the Londinium at this time, or in the foreseeable future.

The most notable are the Dark Elves or Drow. Recovered by Morgantha from a land far away, that those that remember, will only describe as dieing. Though many are agoraphobic and prefer the dark and enclosed places. They are not affected by any weakness from being in the light. They know of no Lolth. No being with that name or description is known of in the Shattered World. But being a Long lived race like Morgantha and of comparable Alignment. Morgantha molded the race to become the logistics behind her empire.

Many other types of elves exist. Too numerous to mention here.

Elves do not die of mortal causes. They are not exactly immortal. Eventually falling to ennui.

Elves & Races in general.

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